Custom Legal SEO Teams Built For You

Are you tired of hiring agencies or in house digital marketers only to get lackluster results?

We can help you get stellar results.

One of the unique ways we have been empowered to help law firms thrive is through our approach of building an in house or outsourced SEO team for you.

In this scenario we can either lead the team or empower your leaders to lead the newly created team that will exceed all of your wildest expectations.

Let me explain how this works

For law firms that are serious about digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and Social media as a case generation engine in competitive markets, it takes a lot of hours of work.

There are different approaches for law firms I have worked with over the years, but the most common for them is to build their own in-house team. The problem with this approach is it rarely works out as well as a firm owner or manager expects because of many areas your digital marketing team needs to cover.

Typically you need all of these skills or roles just to have a great SEO team in a competitive market. To start you need the leadership and the strategy to get the project off the ground and accountability integrated.

This usually includes these roles at the bare minimum

  • Marketing Director. This role aligns your business goals with your marketing channels and leads the team. This role is ultimately responsible for the success of all marketing efforts, goal tracking, and analyzing the generation of leads to new cases . They lead the specialists.
  • SEO Manager / Strategist. This role aligns the marketing director’s business goals with an SEO program. It involves the strategy creation and execution.

But then from a practical standpoint there are other roles you want to have on your side to have the biggest impact.

Depending on your goals, these include roles like:

  • Copywriting. You need at least one if not several great copywriters to produce the content based on the content strategy you have in place. Since all of the content you produce will be considered YMYL by Google it’s held to a higher standard. Lower quality work will get you booted out of the search results. You also should have an editor in place.
  • Graphic Designer. Content is not just about text on a page. It not only has to be engaging with words. You need custom graphics to tie them together.
  • SEO Specialist. You need someone who can take the content that’s written, optimize it based on the SEO strategy, implement it, and tweak as necessary on a regular basis.
  • Web Development. Having a web developer on staff is life saver. It allows you to make changes quickly and add an extra element of beauty to your designs.

How Much Does a Legal SEO Team Cost

If you’re serious about full time digital marketing for your law firm you can see how these costs quickly add up. That’s why we have developed a custom approach that saves you time, money, and gets you results faster.

But it only works for those who are committed to their own success.

Here is what you can expect to pay in a traditional model based on average Texas salaries.

Job Role 🧑‍💼Average Salary 💰
Marketing Director$180,000
SEO Manager$100,000
Graphic Designer$50,000
WordPress Web Developer$80,000
SEO Specialist$60,000
Total$525,000 (low end)

You can also add more roles to this like CRM Engineers, content editors and we haven’t even touched social media yet. There are also many other marketing expenses that are not included here including software, paid ads costs, etc.

It goes without saying this is just to put the people in place. Knowing if they will work great together or if you will see the success you’re expecting are two different worries you may have with this approach.

And this is what typically leads people to hiring a law firm SEO agency or hiring in house.

But What if You Could Have a Full Time Affordable Legal Marketing Team?

A Full Time Legal Marketing Team Built Custom For Your Firm

That’s where we come in.

We can help build your marketing strategy, build your team, put them in place and they will work only for you. We take the stress out and you can focus on running a business that never misses your market qualified leads targets again.

Job Role 🧑‍💼 Salary 💰
Marketing Director [US Based Fractional 60 hrs Quarter]$240,000
SEO Manager / Account Manager [US Based Fractional]$36,000
Graphic Designer$36,000
WordPress Web Developer$36,000
SEO Specialist$36,000

How Do We Do This?

It’s simple, but not easy. Simply put our 15+ years working in Attorney SEO have taught us everything we need to know about building the most effective strategies, hiring the right people, and focusing on only the work that counts.

By working with us you save the millions of dollars we’ve spent learning hard lessons to create a well oiled machine that just works.

We’re able to do this because we know who to hire from outsourced positions in the Philippines.

And at the same time you avoid the common pain points that those who have dealt with outsourced teams have dealt with including:

  • Excellent English. The majority of Philippine workers have excellent written & spoken English skills.
  • Reliable and friendly hard workers.
  • Our team members have reliable internet and power
  • Quality Talent. There are tons of amazing workers eager to work remotely for American @ Canadian companies.

How Long Does This Take to Setup / See Results?

Overall it depends on your market and your marketing goals.

The first step is to have a free consultation with Casey Meraz to see if your firm is a good fit for us. Since we only work with 5 clients at a time we are extremely limited.

Many of our clients are fully up and running and starting to see results in 90 days. Within one year you will be unstoppable.

What is The Process to Get Started?

To get started we have a thorough onboarding process. Here is what it looks like.

To be frank, I only want to work with nice attorneys who understand the value of what we’re providing. 98% of firms are not a good fit for us.

  1. Contact us by filling out a request form here.

    We will research yourself, your law firm, and your reputation. We’re not about wasting anybody’s time and we need to get a good understanding if you’re a good fit for our program.

    This will be done within about 48 hours and we will be in contact to see if we should schedule a discovery call. There is a $1,000 fee for this discovery session.
  2. During our discovery call we will ask questions about your law firm. We will want to understand how you think everything is going on the digital and business front, your budget, your goals, and timelines.
  3. If we agree that this might be a good fit we will have one more follow up meeting after we have had time to do due diligence in your market. During this meeting we will present our findings from our research after the discovery session. We will include a proposed high level plan of attack and budgeting for the project.
  4. We get started. From the date of hire we hit the ground running and work fast and hard. You can expect to be up and running within about 90 days.