Lawyer Marketing Experts

Whether your the managing partner of your law firm or a partner, figuring out how to market your firm and continually get more cases in the door is one of the toughest challenges you face.

Sadly there is a lot of bad information out there on marketing your law firm and there are a lot of shady companies out there.

That’s one of the reasons I founded To help attorneys figure out where their next case is going to come from and implement proven systems to grow and automate their marketing machine each month.

About Me

My name is Casey Meraz and I’ve been helping law firms generate more clients through digital marketing methods since 2006. During most of this time, I have worked exclusively with attorneys and have helped build some of the most successful personal injury law firm marketing campaigns across the country.

How I Can Help

There are two ways that I can help most law firms depending on their size and marketing goals. Some firms have in-house teams that need coaching or they need to build a team.


  • Internal staff training: Customized training for your firm’s employees
  • Accountability partner: I can help ensure your vendors are doing everything they say they’re doing.
  • Vendor selector: Are you looking to hire a vendor, but you’re not sure what questions to ask or what KPI’s to track? I can help you.
  • Strategy development: My expertise helping market law firms in the most competitive areas can help your firm get to the next level.