Common Design Mistakes to Avoid in a Law Firm Website

A website representing a quality law firm should come across a professional effort. There are many ways to build a website, and consequently, there are many ways to do it wrong. The last thing a business wants is a website that makes a bad first impression. With that said, here are some common design mistakes that should be avoided when building a quality law firm website.

Incorporating a Non-Responsive Theme Design

Website browsers come in all different sizes, and at various screen resolutions. Having a theme design that doesn’t adapt to the screen can mean that what looks terrific on one device just doesn’t work as well on another.

Today it is common to have a desktop, tablet, and a smartphone visit your site, so you need to have a website design for your law firm that supports all three natively.

No Call to Action

Having someone visit your site is an excellent start to building a new client relationship. But your website should incorporate some form of Call to Action (CTA) to help convert that visitor into a client.

It can be something simple, like a newsletter email to stay informed about new content. Or even better it could be a contact page to further discuss a legal issue. But not having a CTA for a website visitor is an excellent example of a missed opportunity.

Having a Non-Secure Website

You’ve probably visited a secure website before, maybe even without realizing it. A secure website encrypts information between the client’s browser and the website server, making all communication private. Otherwise, data can be spied upon over the network in places such as a crowded coffee shop or a library.

If you think this sounds like a good idea, rest assured that Google agrees with you. This is why sites that are not secure are not promoted in search engine results as well as those that are. By establishing a site in a secure manner (using an SSL certificate) from the start allows it to grow without changes later.

Making the site secure also helps when establishing that vital Call to Action. For their protection, you will want to have a secure connection with a visitor before getting any information. This helps to build a layer of trust with a client from the start.

Using a Free Website Builder

A free website builder can be handy for a simple site with limited use. But a cookie-cutter approach will invariably produce a website that doesn’t stand out from the competition. In today’s world, many people get their first impression from your website.

Having a well-designed website that accurately represents your law firm allows you to make the right first impression.

Using a Pre-Built WordPress Theme

Much like a free website builder, a designed-to-fit-all WordPress theme is only going to offer a generic solution. You need a website that accurately represents your law firm, not everyone’s online business.

Another reason to avoid generic themes is that they tend to be large and bulky, which can lead to a slow website. You want that first impression to be a professional one.

Having a Slow Site

The web is a vast place, and finding the right law firm from a search may require visiting several competing websites. If the site is too slow, a visitor may merely go on to the next one on the list.

I’ve mentioned before about making the right first impression. You will want your law firm to appear as professional as possible. If the site is very slow to respond or only loads half the page before it shows in their browser, this could send the wrong message to a potential client.

In order to make sure that a site is as fast as it needs to be, use a third party to test it. Many browsers will cache large images and other resources as an optimization. This means that a site you frequent may load much faster for you than it does for that new client. Google even has a page speed insight tool just for this purpose.

Skimping on the Content

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority on the web is to have great and informative content. This gives that potential client a reason to trust that you know your subject matter, as well as providing them a reason to stay longer on your site. With luck, they may follow through on your Call to Action.

Not only does this help your visitor, but having quality content is a great way to get the attention of search engines. Best SEO practices always help but don’t forget the importance of the content.

Not Using Schema

Have you ever been to a new mega mall? One of the best ways to find your way around one is to look at a map or directory conveniently located at most entrances. This saves you time and effort as you shop.

Now imagine a search engine visiting your site. Without a map, it has to wander your virtual hallways trying to figure out what is there. A schema is like a store directory or roadmap for your site. Search engines know how to read a schema, and it speeds up their crawl and helps to define your content.

Making it as convenient as possible for a search engine to find out about your website is one way to help your site appear correctly in search engine results. This will translate to more visitors to your site.

Not Owning Your Website

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes a business can make when creating a website. A website today is one of the best tools you can have for reaching out to new clients. It represents your law firm, and naturally, you will spend a lot of time and effort in getting it just right.

Having a website that is hosted on your purchased account puts you in an ownership position. The site is yours, and you have greater flexibility on what you can do on it. Many free hosts are worth precisely what you pay for them.

Another important aspect of website ownership is the domain name itself. Make sure that either you or your trusted agent are listed as the owner, and that the yearly fees are clearly paid. It should come as no surprise that some domains are worth millions of dollars. You’ll want to protect this critical business asset.

Hiring the Wrong Experts

In most cases, law firms will outsource their website needs to an expert so that can focus on their practice. But it is essential that the right expert is hired for the job. You will want someone that understands the nature of your business and how to properly promote it.

A website company well versed in your business will be better suited to optimize your website and content for the best SEO. This will bring potential clients to your site. Having a great looking website means little if no one sees it.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality websites for exceptional law firms like yours. Our experience in the industry makes sure that you avoid the mistakes up front. Contact us today to see how we can help you have that perfect website for your law firm.

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