Do Lawyers Really Need Websites?

The short answer is yet. Lawyers really do need websites.

As a lawyer, your office looks for a very specific type of client. If you practice family law, you might look for upper-class individuals who need legal support as they move through their divorce.

Conversely, if you practice criminal law, you might specialize in a specific type of law: petty theft or traffic law, for example.

Whatever your area of focus, however, you may find yourself asking, “As a lawyer, do I really need a website?” In the middle of the technology age, websites have become more important for every possible area of business than ever.

Your website is a critical marketing tool that can go a long way toward helping you establish yourself in your field. Still on the fence about building your website? Let’s look how a website like the one below can help you.

A law firm website for a personal injury law firm

How A Website Can Help

1. Control what Google shows potential clients

What comes up when a potential client turns online for research and Google’s your name? A website like Avvo probably shows up. And when they click there, they see other competing attorneys. You may have just lost a client.

2. A website will help you to be in control of your own reputation

Today’s clients consider online reviews just as important as word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know in person. In fact, many people who aren’t able to get those important in-person recommendations from someone who has used a lawyer in the past will turn to the internet to do their research and learn more about local law firms and other organizations.

Your website is the perfect place to display those important online reviews. If you don’t have your own website and social media pages–and monitor social media conversations about your practice area and your firm on a regular basis–you may miss out on critical opportunities to control and manage your reputation and control the conversation about your business. Your website can also help establish your reputation in other key ways. It Puts You In Control Of Your Reputation.

3. Build client rapport. Showcase those awards

You can showcase your awards and local honors. Were you recognized in a local ceremony or in a magazine? Did you receive an award for something you accomplished? Do you have additional certifications or experience that goes above and beyond the requirements for your field?

Your website is the perfect place to showcase all of those important honors and let potential clients see exactly what you have the potential to accomplish for them. 

You can display client results. Your results in past cases won’t necessarily guarantee your results in your next case, but they can tell your clients what you’ve accomplished in the past and, therefore, what you’re likely to be able to accomplish for them. You won’t display any identifying information about your clients, but you will be able to give a look at past client results that can help future clients decide whether you are the lawyer for them. 

Your Website is a Great Tool for Establishing Client Trust

Some clients won’t trust you at all if you don’t have a website. Today’s clients assume that if you lack a website, you are likely a fly-by-night organization that lacks the experience and the validity they need to help them through their legal struggles. Not only that, however, your website is an excellent tool for building trust with your clients.

Start providing advice before clients ever walk through the door. Your blog is an excellent tool for offering clients insight into their situation or providing basic legal advice before they make their first phone call. Often, your website can answer frequently asked questions or help clients through the early stages of their legal questions. Not only is this a great way to build their trust through quality advice, it’s an excellent resource you can provide to your existing clients, which may in turn help you better manage your office hours. 

Show clients your authority and your trustworthiness. The quality of your website matters! You wouldn’t let your office get shabby, run-down, and dirty because of the message it would provide to your clients. The same is true of your website. For many clients, your website is the first connection they will have with your business. Much like a storefront or the receptionist’s office at your law firm, your website must be well-maintained to provide clients with a sense of security when they connect with your firm. 

Your Website Brings Fresh Leads

In addition to its other benefits, your website is an excellent marketing tool that can help bring in fresh leads for your firm. When you build your website, you offer clients a new way to connect with you and provide them with access to vital contact information, including your address, your email address, and your phone number. The more your website grows, the better the marketing tool it will become. 

Potential leads will find your website when they look for information about your legal specialty.Blogging will grow your search ranking organically, while paid ads can help boost your search ranking faster and more efficiently. Without a website, even paid ads can’t help potential leads find as much information about your business.

Your website tells leads who you are. It gives leads a look at your firm and the type of law you handle. What type of law is your specialty? What type of clients do you prefer? Through your website, you can provide leads with that vital information. Listings in a phone book simply don’t provide the same level of information, especially if your firm name is simply the last names of your associates. 

Your website makes you available at any time of day. You don’t have someone manning the phones 24/7, and you can’t possibly know about everyone in your city who has a need for the type of law you practice. Through your website, however, you’re always available to potential clients, which means that you will be less likely to miss out on potential leads. 

Are you ready to start building your website, improving your credibility, and enhancing your authority? You don’t have to do it alone! Just like you specialize in a specific type of law, we specialize in building websites and handling marketing efforts for law firms and other legal clients. If you’re ready to increase the return on your marketing investment or create a website that will help establish your authority, contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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