Should Lawyers Blog?

As you’ve explored marketing your law firm, you’ve likely heard a great deal about blogging: its impact on SEO or its opportunity to reach out to clients. As a lawyer, however, you may feel that blogging isn’t practical for you.

There are a host of excuses: you aren’t sure what to blog about; you aren’t sure people will want to read what you have to say; you’re concerned that blogging will turn out to be a waste of time.

Should lawyers blog? Absolutely! Blogging offers a number of unique benefits, and not just to your search ranking. 

Benefit #1: Blogging Allows You to Share Your Personal Expertise

As a lawyer, you’ve had the opportunity to see some unique situations and do things that no one else has done. You have a deep well of personal expertise that the average citizen simply doesn’t have, and blogging is the perfect opportunity to share it.

Obviously, you can’t break client confidentiality or share the private details of a case that could make it identifiable to someone else; but you can use your extensive experience to provide valuable advice that others, especially people without their own legal background, simply don’t have. Blogging will allow you to share your stories or to offer those takeaways that you’re always surprised that people don’t know. 

As you’re thinking up blog topics, consider your clients. What are the questions that they ask on a regular basis? What brings them to you?

The longer you’ve worked in your field, the more experience you have to draw from; but even if you’ve only recently begun working as an attorney, you likely still have a pool of knowledge and experience that will allow you to share valuable information with others. Find your voice and take the opportunity! Your blog is your chance to give potential clients and other searchers the advice you wish they had gotten before they walked into your office. 

Benefit #2: Blogging Helps You Build a Lead Generation Tool

Blogging is an amazing tool for bringing in interested leads. When a potential lead searches for the type of content you’ve created, they already have an interest in the type of law you practice.

Your blog posts should focus on the types of law you most want to practice and the clients you most want to cover. When potential clients search for information about that topic, they’ll start building their knowledge of your law firm, which will increase the odds that they’ll contact you for their legal needs. Each blog is the opportunity to connect with clients in a different aspect of your practice. 

Benefit #3: Blogging Helps Build Client Trust

When potential clients come to your website, they want to learn more about the legal situation in which they’ve found themselves. Eventually, they may need a lawyer to help them through the situation, whether they’re filing for divorce and need to know more about how to protect themselves or they’ve gotten into criminal trouble and need a lawyer to represent them through the process.

As they browse through your website, your blog will help them build trust in you so that when they are ready to call for a lawyer, your name is at the top of the list. Your blog can:

Show clients that you know what you’re talking about. Your blog is the perfect opportunity to show off your expertise. Do you know a few things about the legal industry that can offer genuine help to your clients?

Your blog is the perfect chance to share it with them. You’ll help build your authority in the industry and let clients know that you do know how to offer them quality legal advice–which in turn makes them more likely to take you to court to represent them. 

Improve clients’ awareness that you genuinely care. Your blog isn’t just a dry marketing tool. It’s a chance to genuinely connect with your clients: to provide some of their needs without ever needing them to call into your office.

Your blog can create the impression that you care for your clients long before they actually connect with your office, which in turn will increase the odds that they’ll come to you with their legal needs. 

Benefit #4: Blogging Grows Your Brand

Blogging is a perfect tool for growing your brand, whether you need to grow your personal brand or improve the brand of the firm as a whole. Through your blog, you get a chance to tell potential clients who you are. You can:

  • Show what makes you unique. What is it about your brand that makes you different from other lawyers in the area? Your blog is the perfect place to express it. 
  • Offer sound, quality advice. 
  • Set the tone for your clients so that they know what to expect when they come into your office. 

As you grow your blog, you’ll create your tone and establish your brand. Then, when they call you or come into your office, your clients will experience that as merely an extension of what they already know about you. 

Benefit #5: Blogging will Increase Your Organic Search Ranking

In addition to its other benefits, blogging offers a solid benefit to your search ranking. When you blog, you’re producing new content for your site. You have the opportunity to focus on new keywords or to highlight your local keywords more effectively than ever.

As you continue to blog, especially as you produce highly valuable content that gets plenty of hits from interested parties, you’ll find that your search engine ranking steadily increases. As your search engine ranking increases, you will be more visible to potential clients in your area. Blogging also allows you to highlight a wider range of keywords than you’re able to target on your website alone. 

Are you ready to start experiencing all the benefits of blogging for your law firm? Whether you’re ready to dive in, but you aren’t quite sure how blogging works or how to use it to reach your goals, or you’d like some help producing those key blogs, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your law firm marketing efforts. 

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